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Quality Assurance

The economic consequences of poor coating practices can be disastrous, and a great variety of factors will determine the success or failure of a coating system.  These include proper preliminary planning, job execution, on-site inspection and post completion surveillance. Morin Industrial employs a systematic corrosion assessment and mitigation process that will ensure the success of your coating system.


Morin Industrial technicians are highly trained in the use of advanced equipment and instruments.  Testing of a coating is completed using sophisticated devices such as holiday detectors, moisture vapor monitors, soluble salt detectors, pull-off adhesion testers, ultrasonic thickness gages and many others.


Technicians are knowledgeable in and adhere to numerous standards and practices established by industry authorities including NACE International [NACE], The Society for Protective Coatings [SSPC], and the American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM].


Electronic reports with photo documentation are prepared to accurately document the results of the testing procedures.  Our testing can unequivocally provide you unbiased information towards either resolving disputes or confirming the quality of any coating installation.




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