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Our Facility


Our facility is located in the Walden Industrial Park on 4.5 acres in Sudbury, Ontario. 


Our facility is state of the art. It was completed in 2013 with over 13, 500 square feet of production space. 


Morin operates two self-contained blast booths and a fully contained paint booth. The use of overhead cranes minimizes equipment handling which allows for a faster turn around and less chance of damage to the product.


Our shop exceeds current environmental standards by keeping airborne particulates contained. 

Morin also boasts a one of a kind degrease and wash bay to support requirements such as chloride/phosphate removal.


Blast & Paint Booths

Our pre-engineered blast booths are fully self-contained units with reclaim systems to recycle blast material and dust collection units to eliminate exhaust into the environment. 


Our multi-media vacuum reclaim room is 12'w x 70'l x 18'h. The larger booth uses steel grit measuring 22;w x 70'L x 18'h. The steel grit can be recycled  6 -200 times in order to minimize waste.


The paint booth is fully contained and maintains a closed loop ventilation system to ensure environmentally compliant surface coating practices. The controlled environment ensures optimum atmospheric conditions for proper paint drying, with humidity levels measured throughout the day.


  • 58'w x 70' l x 18'h

  • 90, 000 cfm

  • 14 mil BTU

  • Two 10 tonne cranes with a total lifting capacity of 20 tonnes



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