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Metal Rehabilitation

MIC can repair and or resurface different metal substrates such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and copper with a variety of specialized epoxy resins with reinforced silicon steel alloys. These repair materials will not corrode and resist wide ranges of chemicals.  After repair work is completed, some of these systems can be machined using conventional tools and/or overcoated with specialized systems also applied by Morin's experienced staff.


Common repair examples are cracks and holes on the engine and pump casings, pipes, elbows, tanks and other such equipment.


Pipe and Pump repairs are often seen in the mining equipment refurbishment business due to the aggressive service either by corrosion and or both. We can resurface pitted metal surfaces; repair damaged shafts, fan blades, hydraulic arms and flange repairs.


Call us with your problems and we will offer up solutions.

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