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Lead Abatement

Lead was added to paints to speed up drying, increase durability, maintain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion. In 1978, lead was banned from household paints in the United States but lead was still present in some colorants, industrial paints and traffic paint, which have since been banned as well.  Lead has become an environmental hazard. Removal of lead paint must be done in an environmentally responsible manner.  Lead is still present in several industrial structures, such as Bridges, Power Generating Facilities, Tank Farms and Industrial Plants.


Morin Industrial erects custom built containment systems that are fitted with water resistant tarps that are impermeable to airborne particulate.  All enclosures are equipped with a ventilation system in order to reduce dust accumulation and facilitate airborne particulate-collection.


Our capacity for dust collection units utilizing HEPA filters is endless from 800cfm up to 40,000cfm.  From Management to our skilled labour force, Morin Industrial understands how to safely and effectively protect our environment and ourselves. Methodologies and pre-hazard reviews of projects are built from years of experience which allow us to properly prepare and plan using the right tools such as decontamination units as well as the correct PPE for any endeavor.

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