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In 2021, Morin Industrial Coatings celebrated 30 years in business. Our company has both a Field Operations and Shop Facility. The Morin shop on Magill St. in Lively, is one out of a select few in Canada that is legislated and fully compliant to meet all government legislation. Morin has changed the way in which painting and sandblasting continues today. Many other companies that blast and paint, do this outside in the open or within their “barn” type services often using toxic medias such as silica sand. This and countless other industry wastes are left to seep into the ground or be carried away by the wind and water.

Without government regulations mandating Morin to become Environmentally compliant, our company has initiated these changes independently.  Morin is committed to following the environmental and industry standards legislated by governing bodies such as the MOE for all industrial companies.


In 2012, Morin designed a new-state of the art facility that boasts 13,000 square feet of space.  Inside, Morin built one of the largest paint booths in Eastern Canada which met all government legislation along with our blast processes that intern acquired the approval of the Environmental Protection Act 419 [EPA419]. Morin also has multiple in-house processes, material collection units, and vacuum systems to collect the debris generated from blasting. All blasting is done indoors, with the dust being collected and disposed of properly instead of allowing the dust contaminants to escape and dissipate with the air currents. You will not see brown clouds of dust wafting off of our property. By recycling and reclaiming, we have replaced and eliminated thousands of tonnes of spent material that would have made its way throughout the city.  Even our gravel yard has been treated with dust suppression to reduce traffic-generated air borne particulate.

If the job requires our specialized team to work on site, our field operations are prepared to do the job with the same commitment to the protection of our environment and the people involved as our shop facility. Morin Industrial has also invested heavily in our field operations. These upgrades include dust collection processes and vacuum systems which are being used on our job sites such as; bridges, tanks, buildings, etc. to protect the environment, the workers and civilians susceptible to industry contaminate.

Just as our shop practices recycling and reclamation of blasting media, our field teams adhere to those practices as well. Morin did this to provide a better working atmosphere for our employees and the people in the Greater City of Sudbury. 


Morin’s shop with leading edge technology has taken a dirty industry and cleaned it up. The health and well-being of the environment and the people working in and around our shop is no longer compromised.  Those who continue to work in or witness the brown dust clouds don’t think much about them, nor the impact those clouds would have on the health of the environment and the people working in or around these toxic plumes. “There is no good DUST.”

The employees at Morin can sleep at night knowing that they are part of an industry that is concerned with the health of their employees, the health of those individuals who have no choice but to breath the Sudbury air, and ultimately, the type of world we are leaving behind for current and future generations. Morin is a company dedicated to doing their part in reducing pollution and eliminating contaminants in the environment and making the world a healthier, safer place to live and do business.

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