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Morin Industrial Hosts FEDNOR Presentation to reThink Green

Nov. 15th, 2017


Brittany Morin 

Morin Industrial Coatings

Paul Lefbvre MPP

reThink Green

  • We are one of a few shops in Canada that is legislated and fully compliant to meet all government legislation.

  • Without government regulations mandating Morin to become Environmentally compliant, we have initiated these changes independently.

  • In 2012, Morin made a commitment to change the way in which we paint and sandblast.

  • Rick Morin designed a state of the art facility that boasts 13,000 square feet of space.

  • Inside, we have one of the largest paint booths in Eastern Canada which meets all government legislation.

  • Our blasting and coating processes also acquired the approval of the EPA.

  • We have multiple in-house processes, material collection units, and vacuum systems to collect debris generated from blasting.

  • By recycling and reclaiming, we have replaced and eliminated 150 tons of spent material per month that would have made its way into our local landfill sites. That’s approximately 8 dump trucks full of contaminated material monthly.

  • Morin was interested in continuing our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and ecological footprint in our community. Thus, maintaining the stability and viability our industry for future generations.

  • That is why we partnered up with Green Economy North.

  • Green Economy is an organization that has the same goals as Morin.

  • Green Economy has access to resources and a network of companies to help us achieve our common goals.

  • All members of the Green Economy share the same belief that sustainability is important for the longevity and relevance of their business.

  • Green Economy provided our facility with an in-house audit that resulted in the compilation of potential government incentives to help Morin continue our movement towards further reducing our carbon footprint.

  • With the help of GE, Morin has been in contact with various experts such as Ontario Energy Management, who has come into the shop to provide an LED audit for us and connect us with the right companies who could help us achieve our goals. As a result, this December, Morin will have all of our current lights retrofitted to more energy efficient LED’s.

  • Green Economy is the conduit between the government incentive programs, and a local network of like-minded businesses who are concerned about the environment and the sustainability of their businesses within the community.

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